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  1. KATERINA says:

    Dear Friends,

    Let me please share with you my offer concerning Via Francigena promoting in Russia, increasing awareness of this particular route and instruments to stimulate Russian people to pass this way.

    Approximately one year ago me and my husband became sick with bicycles. In summer 2014 we passed Camino de Santiago by bicycles, more than 550 km within 2 weeks totally full in love with cycling across such interesting destination.

    In my opinion it is much more exciting, inspiring, educating and interesting to travel across the route with history, with legend, with meaning rather than passing by just numerous roads and forests across somewhere. Pilgrims routes are giving us invaluable opportunity to deep dive into history of the country and its roots, its cultural heritage, opportunity to touch the real life of the country outside capitals and most touristic places. Across ancient pilgrims ways all of the humans are special and open and it is a great pleasure to meet humans from different countries and cultures, communicate with them, think and reflect together.

    As we are fond of Italy since quite a long time we have immediately started searching for the same route across your very country. Lucky we are – Via Francigena exists..
    Via Francigena – incredible opportunity for those who love Italy and the whole pilgrim’s idea and atmosphere.
    Unfortunately this particular route is almost unknown in Russia. It is almost impossible to find useful information regarding this way in Russian, lengths of the road and separate stages, situation with hostels, it is impossible to find heights map as it is quite important both for walking and cycling pilgrims.
    I have found on a few abroad web sites information that Italy is now focused on rebuilding Via Francigena popularity across the world, dedicating special efforts toward this.
    My proposal is connected with such approach from Italy side.
    Me and my husband are going to pass Via Francigena from St. Bernard to Roma within 1 month in the nearest future, approximately from beginning of April 2015. Would you like to provide us sponsorship from your side to make this journey?
    We guarantee from our side:
    1. Awareness and popularity of Via Francigena across Russians will increase
    2. Full distance will be covered and shared in Russian among Russians
    3. The whole journey will be presented in blogosphere as I’m having my own blog with increasing popularity on LiveJournal.
    Here is the link, you may find my posts on Camino de Santiago and number of comments on them
    4. The whole journey will be presented in top Russian social networks such as Vkontakte and Facebook, Odnoklassniki
    5. Dedicated article will be created about this particular route and posted in top digital resources. Currently I’m preparing the one regarding Camino de Santiago by bicycles for http://interesno.co/ and number of other resources.
    • We can discuss with you the number of articles you are interested in and which portals.
    6. The route will be promoted in popular group in social network dedicated to Camino de Santiago as it presents the core target audience for such journey
    We can discuss with you all the requirements from your side to make this partnership useful, fair and beneficial for both sides
    Here is my offer and thanks a lot in advance for evaluating it and providing your feedback on it.
    I’m looking forward to hearing from you
    Best regards,
    Merkusheva Katerina

    • duaslauros says:

      Dear Katerina, we are happy of your offer in sharing news and paths for Via Francigena to Russian people.
      We are no profit association called “Onlus ICT Ad Duas Lauros” and our activity is for developing and
      knowledge of the Via Francigena in South East of Rome, and in general of the Via Francigena in the South,
      which is being officially recognized by the Council of Europe by next June in Brussels.
      The stretch of Via Francigena in the South in which we operate is on Casilina and Prenestina routes, you can
      see it in this map, that soon we will update with more information:
      Click on the points marked in blue and you will see the places of interest such as:
      - Catacombs SS Marcellino and Pietro, the largest art gallery paleo Christian of Rome (and of the world) III – IV century AD
      - Mausoleum S Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine IV century AD
      - Alessandrino Aqueduct, one of the ancient in the world II century AD
      In map below you can see Villa Gordiani, an ancient possession IV century AD, of the emperors Gordiani:

      We are available to find forms of collaboration with you and with your friends in Russia, also to organize
      groups to visit this area, which is about to become the ACCESS GATE of the Via Francigena in the South.
      To do this you can write to us at our email address:

      Best wishes
      Stefano Fedele
      Onlus ICT Ad Duas Lauros

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